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    Mosconi Cup 2020

    Sky Sports and Matchroom Sports jointly created the Mosconi Cup as an exhibition event to increase public attention into the pool in UK. The top players of first year competition are Franziska Stark from Germany, Allison Fisher from England, Jeanette Lee and Vivian Villarreal from the United States. As time advanced, this exhibition become a more professional tournament and winner of this tournament has gained a lot of prestige. The winner and loser of last five year are: Mosconi Cup 2015 Venue: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Winner: Europe, Score: 11-7, MVP: Niels Feijen, Netherland, Loser: USA Mosconi Cup 2016 Venue: Alexandra Palace, London. Winner: Europe, Score: 11-3, MVP: Albin Alois…

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    Best Free Live Sports Streaming Sites

    A large number of people in the world are loved and enjoy with the sports. What ever it is village or town, both area’s people are enjoy to play or watching sports. There are many kinds of sport in the world. Among them NFL, Soccer, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Boxing, UFC, Golf, Rugby, Motor Race, Horse Race, Tennis, Bowling, Cycling, Cricket, Badminton, Wrestling are very much popular. There are large number of sports television channel in the world who broadcast sporting events, sports news and other sports related program. Some of the most popular sports tv channel around the world are:ESPN (USA), Fox Sports (USA), NBC Sports (USA), CBS Sports…